Leigh Anne
11th Step Retreat
Posted February 17, 2012 by Leigh Anne in 12 Step Spirituality
I am going to be participating in an 11th Step retreat next weekend. A lot of things often cloud my awareness of my Higher Power, so I am beginning a fast this weekend to kind of clear out the mind-clutter. A physical fast is going to go from sunrise to sunset today, but then I am going to try and fast most importantly from the mind clutter of wo... read more
Leigh Anne
Character Defects
Posted January 14, 2012 by Leigh Anne in 12 Step Spirituality
As a 12-stepper, I have often "fought" my character defects...many times with little success. Recently, I realized that part of the reason I was losing the battle, was the "battle" itself. Some character defects cannot be fought, at times fighting them only makes it worse....sometimes they simply need to be healed.

Why do I constantly seek to ... read more
Leigh Anne
Scripture and experience
Posted January 11, 2012 by Leigh Anne in Beyond Religion
For me, scripture is often the translated and re-translated, interpreted and re-interpreted writings of others about their spiritual experiences or most often the spiritual experiences of someone else in the past.

What I would support is delving deeply enough into the Divine that one begins to write a personal tradition and scripture based on re... read more