Charlie Van Dyke
Spiritually Connected
Posted November 29, 2011 by Charlie Van Dyke in GLBTQ
By Chris Carpenter

“Keep ‘Christ’ in Christmas” is a call we seem to hear with growing insistence each year as December rolls around. Some Christians apparently feel offended or marginalized by a broader usage of the phrase “Happy Holidays” in store décor and TV commercials during this festive time of year.

I’m a Christian and tend to wish peopl... read more
Bobby Ocean
Posted November 30, 2011 by Bobby Ocean
The territorial claims of the ego are enormous.

It seems like everything I have ever done, each acheivement, every victory, all experiences, the good and the bad, the whole of it - have been appropriated like an enormous Identity Theft by this shape shifting version of myself, going by the alias you see as the fifth word in the first sentence of ... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Dennis Merritt Jones
From Huffington Post

"Spirituality is not about being perfect but about aspiring to a life of heart-filled integrity. It is a journey and not a destination. When we are spiritually fit and balanced we are a powerfully exquisite blend of human fallibility and divine perfection. It is this dynamic tension that gives us our un... read more
Dorothy Wellington
This is the title of my booklet, "Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion." It is a study guide and healing book for all individuals who have experienced the unfortunate pains of life. You do not need a church, synagogue, temple, mosque and receive healing without a pastor, priest, minister, teacher, etc. Religion is finite, having bounds. Spirit is i... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
by Vernon Meyer

I have been teaching a class over the past few weeks titled: “Creation, Science and Evolution.” My focus has been on the challenge we encounter in the post-modern world, to be people of faith and people of science. It seems that the struggle pits one against the other, religion against science or faith against reason. Since the... read more
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