Death is a very hard thing to deal with, but it happens to everyone eventually. In your opinion why do you think God takes away our loved ones? Is there a reason behind the rhyme?... read more
Brother Ken
Treasure of darnkness....
Posted January 12, 2012 by Brother Ken in Meditations
"Treasures of Darkness"

One of the great blessings of this site is that we are able to immediately share with other like minded souls insights that have 'stretched us' helping us to see more clearly into the future and our present---though the present and future could be the same with an understanding of eternity as beginning now and going on foreve... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
“May the God of your choice bless you.” (Kinky Friedman)

Frequently, I’ve had a thought that at the end of time, all creation will gather in a giant auditorium. Out of habit, we will cluster with others who thought in ways similar to our own. So, there might be a section for those of the Jewish faith, sections for the various Christian traditions,... read more
Henry Robert Kimball
"Having made our personal inventory, what shall we do about it? We have been trying to get a new attitude; a new relationship with our Creator, and to discover the obstacles in our path. We have admitted certain defects; we have ascertained in a rough way what the trouble is; we have put our finger on the weak items in our personal inventory. Now t... read more
Leigh Anne
Character Defects
Posted January 14, 2012 by Leigh Anne in 12 Step Spirituality
As a 12-stepper, I have often "fought" my character defects...many times with little success. Recently, I realized that part of the reason I was losing the battle, was the "battle" itself. Some character defects cannot be fought, at times fighting them only makes it worse....sometimes they simply need to be healed.

Why do I constantly seek to ... read more
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