Laurie Conrad
One of my beautiful meditators, Kristin is writing a paper for an honors seminar at Ithaca College, over the course of a semester. She asked if she could interview me on the topic of creativity and mystical states, and I agreed. I thought this interview might of interest to some of you, so I have added it as A Mystic's Journal entry.

Kristin: Thos... read more
Bobby Ocean
Only Committed Souls Need Apply

You'll have to sit up and pay attention to this, I'm afraid. It's one of those good news/bad news deals.

The good news: There's a promotion in your future. It's a big one, well worth it and you'll be all the better during your turn at bat by preparing for it. The bad news is that others vying for this very position... read more
rajesh sahay
Vihangam Yoga Philosophy
Posted February 23, 2012 by rajesh sahay in Yoga
Vihangam Yoga Philosophy
The science of living a fulfilled happy life in harmony with the Supreme Being, and in the process attaining union with the Supreme Being, is called Vihangam Yoga.
It is the science of consciousness and practiced at the level of soul.
Vihangam Yoga helps one get the liberation (Moksh) while being alive. This Vihangam Yoga ... read more
Leigh Anne
11th Step Retreat
Posted February 17, 2012 by Leigh Anne in 12 Step Spirituality
I am going to be participating in an 11th Step retreat next weekend. A lot of things often cloud my awareness of my Higher Power, so I am beginning a fast this weekend to kind of clear out the mind-clutter. A physical fast is going to go from sunrise to sunset today, but then I am going to try and fast most importantly from the mind clutter of wo... read more
Dorothy Wellington
This is the title of my booklet, "Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion." It is a study guide and healing book for all individuals who have experienced the unfortunate pains of life. You do not need a church, synagogue, temple, mosque and receive healing without a pastor, priest, minister, teacher, etc. Religion is finite, having bounds. Spirit is i... read more
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