Tom McNally
Meditation, exercise and diet. They are the mix that make the foundation for the building of a life full of Love, Peace and Happiness.
I have written many posts about meditation, so now let me write something about the other two.
1) Let me start with exercise. Exercise puts your mind in exactly the state that you want it to be in. When you exerci... read more
Tom McNally
Of course you do! I want to, you want to, everybody wants to. But how can you do it?
Here is a way :
Success will make you feel happier. Feeling happier will make you feel friendlier and more loving. Hundreds of studies have been done establishing the truth of these two statements. If you want, you can google them.
What we want is a way to turn th... read more
Tom McNally
Shortcuts To Happiness!
Posted January 6, 2012 by Tom McNally
Below is a link to research that is being done about whether there are any shortcuts to happiness.
This part is interesting: ”A previous study by the University found the shortcuts had no clear impact on happiness levels.”
This is of little importance to you if you are one of The Happy People. What you do is try every way of making yourself happie... read more