Brother Ken

I continue to wrestle with Mandella's quote (below), as I have for years, though as one weathers and grows through the seasons of life, some wrestling acumen is acquired. I love the fact that new scientific studies of the brain show that as people grow older their mental capacities do not have to dim but can be transformed, gaining not only what
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Brother Ken
After over three years of writing hundreds of blogs on recovery sites (i.e. I've finally come to publish my first book: "Beyond Humpty Dumpty - Recovery Reflections On The Seasons of Our Lives". I didn't join this site last year to promote a future book, but I did join to continue to grow spiritually and help others do the same... read more
Brother Ken
Stormie kind of 'stirred the pot' recently with her voting poll question about our spirituality and practice. I love the truth that ALL LIFE IS SPIRITUAL.....I believe we are 'knit together in our mother's wombs', 'fearfully and wonderfully made'....

...One of the most spiritual and simple practices not only in the Christian church but all world c... read more
rajesh sahay
Vihangam Yoga Philosophy
Posted February 23, 2012 by rajesh sahay in Yoga
Vihangam Yoga Philosophy
The science of living a fulfilled happy life in harmony with the Supreme Being, and in the process attaining union with the Supreme Being, is called Vihangam Yoga.
It is the science of consciousness and practiced at the level of soul.
Vihangam Yoga helps one get the liberation (Moksh) while being alive. This Vihangam Yoga ... read more
Dorothy Wellington
This is the title of my booklet, "Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion." It is a study guide and healing book for all individuals who have experienced the unfortunate pains of life. You do not need a church, synagogue, temple, mosque and receive healing without a pastor, priest, minister, teacher, etc. Religion is finite, having bounds. Spirit is i... read more
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