Posted July 3, 2012 by Annie in Traditional Paths in Conversation

Islam, a journey showing Allah (SWT) that you have completely submitted to Him (SWT) is manifested through fasting, one of the pillars of Islam.

Fasting is to sacrifice your desire fee-sabi-lillah (for the sake of Allah). It is a training to obtain the qualities that Allah loves, which are a sign of belonging and tasleem (submission). Sub... read more
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Leigh Anne
11th Step Retreat
Posted February 17, 2012 by Leigh Anne in 12 Step Spirituality
I am going to be participating in an 11th Step retreat next weekend. A lot of things often cloud my awareness of my Higher Power, so I am beginning a fast this weekend to kind of clear out the mind-clutter. A physical fast is going to go from sunrise to sunset today, but then I am going to try and fast most importantly from the mind clutter of wo... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
Texas Governor Rick Perry invited fellow governors to "a day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our troubled nation." The event is scheduled for August 6th in a Houston stadium. Criticism came quickly with opponents claiming it was a political move to help Perry gain more attention ahead of a possible run at the White House. Others who advocate a ... read more