Laurie Conrad
My dear friend Richard Nowogrodzki wrote the following beautiful and wise poems. Richard is dying of cancer. We first met many, many years ago. Richard would drive me to the Meditation Center in Valois, through the Blueberry Patch, past Tburg, down winding single lanes, when the world was young, when we were young. We have been good friends ever si... read more
Janet  Galea
Posted June 1, 2011 by Janet Galea in Life Challenges and Loss

During a lifetime it happens to each of us many times in many ways
How do we cope?
Where do we turn?
What we all have in common.

I first felt the sadness of loss when I was fifteen. Our next door neighbor, a wonderful woman, had a brain aneurysm. She collapsed and died at work. I went to her “wake” and wondered what sense this made. Mar... read more