Maya Bohnhoff
How do we know?

Most people feel that they know a certain number of true things about themselves and the world they live in. But what is the process by which we come to hold one thing true and another false?

Imagine being in a group of people at the “petting zoo” part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium viewing a frog.

How do we know . . .

The fro... read more
Maya Bohnhoff
I'm new here, and I couldn't help but respond with warm appreciation to Rabbi Shapiro's commentary What I Believe.

He's right, of course. It's good to stop frequently to assess what we believe and why. So, since I am new here. I'd like to share why I believe.

As a believer (I am a Baha'i) who hangs out on atheist websites, I am repeatedly bemuse... read more
Flaget Nally
What is Prayer?
Posted June 1, 2011 by Flaget Nally in Meditations
When I was five years old I accompanied my mother to a Good Friday service. It was rare that I was the only sibling tugging on her shirt tails, which made it special and memorable. I don’t really remember the service, but I remember my mom. Out of the corner of my eyes, I witnessed for the first time my mother immersed in prayer. A stillness envelo... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
Topic One: "Spiritual but not religious"

That's a phrase you see and hear more and more. While many people feel well nourished in a traditional faith experience, a growing number seem to be moving into the category of "spiritual but not religious." Church congregations will say that they get strength from the community, common beliefs and shared o... read more