Billie K. Fidlin
Incredibly important with regard to Native American Spirituality is also the knowledge of the historical context that the American Indians of this country (their country) and First Nations people of Canada lived in, died in and continue on in. Facing genocide in every sense of its definition, it is the spirituality that gave and gives indigenous pe... read more
Beau Weaver
In the late nineties, Huston Smith, author of "The World's Religions, realized that he had made an enormous glaring omission in his classic work on comparative spirituality. His book surveyed and compared Hinduism,Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. But it was not until he became involved in a Supreme Court case over N... read more
Robert Constas
Storytelling for Wesak: Voice of Friendship

The voice of forgiveness and friendship carries great healing power. It transforms enemies into friends. This is a true story that takes place in New York State before the time of Columbus. It is the story about how the friendship of two great men inspired five warring tribes in New York to forgive and ... read more