Father Walter "Sonny" Reiman
From the earliest days in the Church, Good Friday has been the most solemn day in the entire Church year. It ritually relives the passion and death of Jesus. Over the years it has been commemorated in various ways. In Jerusalem, for example, this has been the day to trace the footsteps of Christ along the Via Dolorosa. In Rome, the Pope usually goe... read more
Flaget Nally
What is Prayer?
Posted June 1, 2011 by Flaget Nally in Meditations
When I was five years old I accompanied my mother to a Good Friday service. It was rare that I was the only sibling tugging on her shirt tails, which made it special and memorable. I don’t really remember the service, but I remember my mom. Out of the corner of my eyes, I witnessed for the first time my mother immersed in prayer. A stillness envelo... read more