steve tulloch
Tell me, share yourself to all who will listen, we have a purpose to spread the good news of openess and self worth.

Tell us, for we are listening - I! am listening, in the hope that I hear from each and every one of you, with stories; poems; stories of joy and adventure....

"Do you know him!"

What does this mean to you, dive as deep as your sp... read more
Michelle Cohen
When I help couples with relationship issues and give them tools for healthier communication, I stress how important it is to understand that we all express ourselves and interpret others differently, because of our individual upbringing. The reason why we behave in certain ways towards our partners is sometimes due to old repetitive emotional tac... read more
Sheila Shuster
New Perspective
Posted June 3, 2011 by Sheila Shuster in Small Bites
Nothing pulls you more into the present than looking into the eyes of someone who you know has little time to live. If you look from your heart and not your worried thoughts, you can create a peaceful communication that has nothing to do with words. You develop an understanding - a knowing - that has nothing to do with opinions, titles, roles, acco... read more