Chris Carpenter
Gay Pride Month
Posted May 31, 2011 by Chris Carpenter in GLBTQ
The month of June has historically marked the celebration of GLBTQ Pride in the U.S. since 1970, when the first Pride parade was held in New York City to commemorate the Stonewall Riots there a year earlier. Originally, the event was known as "Gay Liberation Day." During the 1980's, the GLBTQ community--reportedly under pressure from more conserv... read more
Don B
12 Step Spirituality
Posted May 31, 2011 by Don B in 12 Step Spirituality
To the long-suffering alcoholic prior to 1935, the alternatives seemed bleak. Society was hardly sympathetic to the pathetic hard-core drunk, the individual who had traveled the road never paved, but well traveled by hundreds of thousands of problem drinkers.

Almost in the blink of eye, a chance encounter by a hustling New York stock broker, Bill... read more
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