Bobby Ocean
Spirituality Rather Than Religion

Many people we know are turning from the religions of their
parents and grand parents, rejecting the unsatisfactory
practices of previous generations. Some are rejecting the ways
found false. Others are continuing the search, seeking more.

I remember my mom and dad's simple faith. "All I want to know is
that the... read more
Bobby Ocean
Beyond Being
Posted June 1, 2011 by Bobby Ocean in Beyond Religion
Beyond Being

One of the goals of religious practice outside of the Western
influences, also known as Yoga, involves training one's mind to
silently "go within," ultimately transcending the everyday
minutia and perceiving the glorious Real Self just beyond being.

"Oops, hold on there," says the religious student. "Beyond
Being? How is THAT possible? T... read more
Tina Zubia
I now know that I have been psychic my whole life...the difference? I now hear a voice and my gift is just so strong now that there is no mistaking a coincidence with true vision. I was brought up Catholic and went to Catholic school my whole life. I remember always telling people things and then them coming true but just thought it was a coinci... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
Topic One: "Spiritual but not religious"

That's a phrase you see and hear more and more. While many people feel well nourished in a traditional faith experience, a growing number seem to be moving into the category of "spiritual but not religious." Church congregations will say that they get strength from the community, common beliefs and shared o... read more
Charlie Van Dyke

What is Sufism

Tassawuf (Sufism) is a holistic and deeper understanding of Islam with consistent focus on sincere practice of Sharia(Islamic Law). Even during the Prophet (saws)’s time some of the followers desired to enter into a more intimate relationship with God, in addition to performing the required ritual practices.

Over the n... read more
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