Charlie Van Dyke
SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) An LDS apostle reaffirmed recently that Mormons who support gay marriage are not in danger of losing their temple privileges or church memberships — even though the Utah-based faith opposes the practice.

In an interview Friday (March 13) with KUTV in Salt Lake City, Elder D. Todd Christofferson said that individuals in the 15 ... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
(CNN)Starting on Ash Wednesday, more than 1 billion Christians around the world will enter the season of Lent, a time of solemn spiritual preparation for Easter, the culmination of the church's calendar.

Despite its ancient history (Lent became standardized in the Catholic Church around the year 325) myths about Lenten traditions abound. Here are ... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Christine Organ

In our house, nearly every Sunday begins exactly the same way.

After the children wake up, they watch a couple of cartoons or maybe “SportsCenter.” My younger son will ask for breakfast, and I will pop a few frozen waffles in the toaster or pour a bowl of cereal. The boys will snuggle in bed with their dad for a little while. T... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
(RNS) Rob Bell was once the evangelical It Boy, the hipster pastor with the thick-rimmed glasses and the skinny jeans whose best-selling theology was captured in books with names such as “Velvet Elvis” and “Sex God.”

By 2006, the Chicago Sun-Times wondered aloud whether the Michigan megachurch pastor could be the next Billy Graham.

And then he we... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Samuel Freedman

The cantor closed his eyes and lifted his voice into Kol Nidre, the prayer that begins Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. The young men and women assembled before him, perhaps 80 in all, instantly recognized the plaintive chant. They had known it for their entire lives.

Some responded with a wistful gaze, as if... read more
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