John Cross
Music for the Soul
Posted April 9, 2013 by John Cross in The Good Books
Mud Flat Musings: “Music for the Soul”

I met Laura in a small town in Missouri. She was playing piano in the park where I had stopped for rest after a long morning of bicycling. I decided to get a sandwich from a deli and sit down and rest for an hour so. As I was soaking in the ambiance of green grass carpeting a grove of huge oak and willow tree... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Rachel Held Evans
From CNN

On "The Daily Show" recently, Jon Stewart grilled Mike Huckabee about a TV ad in which Huckabee urged voters to support “biblical values” at the voting box.

When Huckabee said that he supported the “biblical model of marriage,” Stewart shot back that “the biblical model of marriage is polygamy.”

And there’s a big pr... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Rick Lowery, Ph.D.

As a minister and Bible scholar, I'm proud that the president has publicly endorsed marriage equality.

Some sincere and thoughtful people of faith are not convinced by clinical research suggesting that "sexual orientation" is deeply imbedded in the human psyche and largely beyond conscious control.

Others accept the resear... read more
J. Craig Woods
A New Age of Vision
Posted March 26, 2012 by J. Craig Woods in The Good Books
A New Age of Vision by J. Craig Woods

Were the early Church Fathers able to capture the truth as expressed by Jesus Christ in His Gospel to man, and has the Christian Religion remained true to its Founder's intent? This book is my effort to take us on a personal journey to find the truth in the message of Jesus Christ. The... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Rabbi Rami Shapiro
From rabbirami.blogspot

A few weeks ago I was invited to dinner with several seminarians from a well-known Christian college. Once introductions were over, I asked them, “What has been the most upsetting thing you have learned in seminary so far?” They just stared at me. No one had an answer, and not because there were so man... read more
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