Charlie Van Dyke
By Sheldon D. Newton

Friendships matter.

Who you decide to make your close friends and confidants can affect your life, positively or negatively. How they affect and influence your life will be based upon and determined by the kind of character your friends have. In order to advance in life, you must choose your friendships wisely, so that your f... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Dr. Sonjay Gupta

Loneliness is an invisible epidemic that affects 60 million Americans. Everyone feels lonely at times in their lives, but chronic loneliness poses a serious health risk. As Richard Lang, MD, chair of preventive medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, puts it, people need to attend to loneliness “the same way they would their diet, e... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
I can be a bit sentimental.

I look at the trinkets and mementos around my house, and special memories come flooding back. For example, I see the small wooden chicken my husband and I bought on our honey­moon and I remember strolling through the small island market.

I look at the old stuffed bear sitting in the guest bedroom and remember my parent... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
February is a time to think about those we love. Even more importantly, time to consider what it means to truly love another. Have you ever deeply thought about what love is? Have you ever considered where it comes from and why we feel drawn to be with certain people over others? Love is indeed a complex and multidimensional subject . . .

We can... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
by The Matt Walsh Blog
I’m a young person.

A ‘young adult,’ supposedly. I’m married with two kids and back problems, so I don’t necessarily feel like it all the time, but I do fall into that coveted 18-34 demographic.

As a young person, I take special note of all the bad press we tend to get. I’m sure you heard about the 18-year-old woman (not ki... read more
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