Charlie Van Dyke
By Mark Banschick, M.D.
From huffpost

You've been dumped. It feels like hell, and you don't know what to do. What will it take to get over a nasty affair, or worse, an unexpected divorce? And will you or your kids make it?

The key is to your recovery is to take back control and own your life. Acceptance is mandatory. As hard as it sounds, there's... read more
Carolyn Brown
Several months ago, when I first put thought to "paper" and typed out my story, I started to feel a nudge that I can only refer to as God. I started to get hints here and there, that I was supposed to be helping people who are facing the same challenges as I was just two years ago - escaping a domestic violence relationship of some kind.

As thi... read more
Michelle Cohen
By Dr. Michelle Cohen
One of the most important steps towards gaining better self-esteem is to try and understand why we feel the way we do about ourselves. In the previous article on self-esteem, I explained how we come into this world as innocent beings who may have been raised by parents or caregivers, who projected their own unresolved problems... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Therese J. Borchard
From Beyond Blue

Each summer I pick a project. A few years ago mine was to develop my self-esteem. According to David Burns, that should only take ten days. But nine months later, I’m still not there.

From June to August last year, this was the routine: load up the double stroller with any floatable object in our house (win... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Therese J. Bouchard
From Beyond Blue

Whenever I come across a very sad story like I did today–about Katherine’s fellow 8-year-old classmate having Leukemia–I always go back to Harold Kushner’s classic “When Bad Things Happen To Good People.”

Now, remind me again, good Rabbi, why does crap befall decent folk?

The compassionate author, who grie... read more
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