Charlie Van Dyke
By Russ Hill

The clouds appeared to be thinning and the lightning seemed to have stopped.

The teenagers who had just unloaded from the SUVs pointed to the improving weather in their lobbying for heading to the water.

I hesitated but told them I’d drive down to the ramp and see if the lake had calmed down enough for me to launch my boat. The wat... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Laurie Roberts

The letter went viral this week, as grotesque things often do.

It was written on pink paper and was anonymous, a mean-powered pastel missile launched directly at the heart of a Canadian woman who watches her 13-year-old autistic grandson Max on summer mornings.

Or, as the writer calls him, “your wild animal kid”.

“That noise... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
(CNN) – When I was 15 years old, I found Jesus.

I spent the summer of my sophomore year at an evangelical youth camp in Northern California, a place of timbered fields and boundless blue skies, where, given enough time and stillness and soft-spoken encouragement, one could not help but hear the voice of God.

Amid the man-made lakes and majestic p... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
Just be there...
Posted August 10, 2013 by Charlie Van Dyke in Beyond Religion
A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. “Your son is here,” she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the pat...ient’s eyes opened.

Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he... dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Mar... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Therese Borchard
from Beliefnet

I love the following passage from Stephanie Dowrick’s new book, “Seeking the Sacred: Transforming Our View of Ourselves and One Another.” Since I’m in a weird place of waiting … to resume my normal life, her message of “let everything happen” resonated with me–to resist the urge, however strong it is, to control... read more
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