Brother Ken
After over three years of writing hundreds of blogs on recovery sites (i.e. I've finally come to publish my first book: "Beyond Humpty Dumpty - Recovery Reflections On The Seasons of Our Lives". I didn't join this site last year to promote a future book, but I did join to continue to grow spiritually and help others do the same... read more
Henry Robert Kimball
The concept of praying for blessings for those we resent is actually very easy to do. This is because I do not have to actually want these blessings for them. Remember I am not praying for THEM. My motivation is to have the resentment gone; NOT that the one I hate be blessed. This is NOT a dishonest motive. And if one calls it hypocritical, so what... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Stephanie Willinf
From Mindful Cafe

If only magic were involved in the 12 steps of recovery. Surprisingly, never once do the 12 steps tell people to stop using drugs and alcohol, and yet people do stay sober.

Anyone can benefit from the pure hard work posed by the dozen principles. In fact, most recovering addicts find themselves wishing thei... read more
Charlie Van Dyke

Spirituality Is A Simple Way Of Living

People who are recovering from alcoholism or other addictions through Twelve Step programs hear phrases such as "the spiritual part of the program" or "this is a spiritual program." Twelve Step programs clearly separate themselves from religions and, yet, are equally clear in claiming... read more
Leigh Anne
11th Step Retreat
Posted February 17, 2012 by Leigh Anne in 12 Step Spirituality
I am going to be participating in an 11th Step retreat next weekend. A lot of things often cloud my awareness of my Higher Power, so I am beginning a fast this weekend to kind of clear out the mind-clutter. A physical fast is going to go from sunrise to sunset today, but then I am going to try and fast most importantly from the mind clutter of wo... read more
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