Henry Robert Kimball
The conclusion that there are some among us human beings that God favors over others is erroneous. Anyone can become conscious of God. No man is better qualified than another to go within himself to bring God out, or allow God in; depending on the evidence of your senses.
If one has concluded that God IS, than it is a matter of God either being... read more
Henry Robert Kimball
I sit in 12 step meetings and hear people talk about being powerless over people places and things. It usually comes out like; "I have to remember I am powerless over people places and things TOO."
This confused lot never ponder the question; "Why do I seek to have power over people places and things.?"
People are powerless to cha... read more
Henry Robert Kimball
Getting to understand who I am has been a by-product of practicing spiritual principles.
A journey through examining my selfishness, resentments, fancied and 'real'-- illusions. Mostly dishonesty, or, the stories and the 'stage character' I present to the world. The ego- which amounts to what I think you think of me. All this stems from fear- ... read more
Charlie Van Dyke
By Therese J. Borchard
From Beyond Blue

For a long while I was afraid to write things such as “I am mentally ill” or “I am bipolar.” I was afraid of labels.

By calling myself a manic-depressive would I trap my psyche in “sick” mode? By accepting my diagnosis of bipolar disorder, would I prevent healing? By writing the words “I am mentally ill,” w... read more
Henry Robert Kimball
The reason we seek a way out of resentment is because the resentment or resentments are hurting us, and we see it effecting our lives in the way resentment does.
First and foremost being angry at someone is human. Staying angry at someone is unhealthy for me. If I have a lot of these 'staying angry at' or resentments it is going to effect the ... read more
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